Aloha Sunshine, I’m Mel!

A sports and travel loving free spirit, author, art enthusiast, designer and online entrepreneur. I love traveling alone with my backpack and immersing myself in foreign cultures. But since I’m not constantly on the road and a creative jack of all trades, who always enjoys learning and trying out new things, you will find, in addition to travel stuff, many other things that are near and dear to me on this blog. Besides my biggest passion, sports, you will discover funny, sarcastic, direct, honest and sometimes useless things here, that should entertain you, make you laugh or may even be thought-provoking.

To get to know me a little better, here are

10 totally useless facts about me

  1. Pink sunsets instead of sunrise – I’m a night owl and don’t get active and creative until late in the day.
  2. In my teenage years, I was a real couch potato for a while and ate too much crappy junk food. Nevertheless, sport was always present in my life and at some point I found the perfect sport for me. However, I am not made for water sports, although I love the sea. We’ll get to my sports fails soon…
  3. I’m a Swabian through and through. They say we Swabians are quite reserved and distant at first, but once you crack us, you have a friend for life. Facts.
  4. I like bucket lists. My own, but also those of others. Except for one tiny thing, I ticked off my big bucket list on my trip around the world. So I can happily kick the bucket, as the Brits say.
  5. I traveled solo for the first time when I was 29. I only went backpacking alone on my big tour when I was 30. So it’s never too late to start. I even see it as an advantage not to tackle the big goals until you are 30. You are clearer about what you want (and above all do NOT want) and make better decisions.
  6. I love pop art, modern art, and pretty much anything by Picasso, the questionable old lecher. If you want to get rid of me for 2-5 hours, it’s best to put me in a museum with works of art in this style. I could move into the MoMa immediately or spend the night there. That would be my perfect version of “Night at the Museum”…
  7. I’m an absolute pro at “staring at the sea”. For me, it is an absolutely great form of meditation or just to let my thoughts wander. Too bad, that there is only the “Swabian Sea” near me. That doesn’t really count…
  8. Unbelievable but true, I’m an introvert. Like most people, I misunderstood the term for a long time, but it’s true. Despite my open, accessible nature, I tend to draw my strength from silence and celebrate every Saturday evening that I have to myself and don’t have to be with people. But I’ll go into more detail on this topic soon…
  9. I have excellent taste in music, which may be a little confusing to many as I listen to just about EVERYTHING. I only can’t stand German Schlager and the current German rap music. Since I’m a “lyric listener”, the series of platitudes and blunt clichés usually used in this genre, totally creeps me out. Otherwise, everything that is good ends up on the playlist for me. From The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rosalía or Kendrick Lamar, to good old bubblegum pop and R&B from the 90s. Oh dear, my Spotify Wrapped will be really funny again…
  10. Sarcasm baby! Mostly in combination with dark humor and quite a lot of F-words… If you can’t relate to that, this might not be your cup of tea here. But that’s who I am. Straightforward, but always honest and everything respectfully presented.

I also like…

  • Ticking off To-Do lists
  • Pizza!!!! (never breaks my heart…)
  • My coffee as black as my humor
  • Dancing – no matter what it looks like – Why be moody, when you can shake that booty?

Nope. Nay. Noooooo to…

Superficiality, arrogance, lies, selfishness, shopping and sprouts. Seriously, who needs this???

If you tick like me or just find me funny, then you’ve come to the right place. So feel free to say “Hello” in a comment, subscribe to my newsletter or send me an email – I look forward to meeting you!

There is still so much to see, experience and discover… Let’s Run, Wild Child!