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The Totally Doable Bucket List #3 – February 2023 & RECAP January 2023

RECAP January 2023

  1. ✅Extending my visa – oh dear, what a struggle, but I made it. Fun Fact: Thai officials take their lunch break very seriously and the system just shuts down mercilessly at 12 noon from the mainland headquarters. Almost better than the officials at my house….
  2. ✅Doing the “30 Days Yoga With Adriene Challenge” – as already described in my blog article, it will be more like 60 days than 30 days for me. But I’m in the middle of it and am currently integrating it back into my lunch break.
  3. ✅Taking a snorkeling trip – I actually went snorkeling at freedom beach once. Much less spectacular than I had imagined the whole thing, but still nice. However, since you are parked on Koh Tao together with numerous boats at the same snorkeling spots, I saved the investment of such a trip. Maybe I will find a nice spot on Koh Phangan. Or maybe not.
  4. ✅Attending a yoga class at the yoga studio next door – I liked the class very much, it was nothing too strenuous in the rising heat. Even though Koh Phangan is the hippie yoga esoteric mecca par excellence, nothing really appeals to me here so far. Drop-in classes are rather rare, but you can buy your enlightenment for a lot of money in various multi-day retreats or yoga teacher training courses. Right now, I prefer yoga alone on my porch in my cute “jungle hut” 🙂
  5. ✅❌Finally establishing a sustainable work routine/regular daily routine this time for real – after time really ran away from me, I finally said goodbye to this plan. The last two weeks have been chaotic (the whole story follows soon…), but I’m slowly coming to rest. Since my time here is coming to an end soon, my focus is on “soaking it all up and enjoying it” instead of work.
  6. ✅❌Making a masterplan for 2023 (even though life ALWAYS gets in the way) – Meanwhile, I have a rough plan. Through a few great encounters I have also gained new ideas and inspiration for the future again.
  7. ✅Keeping up my sports routine – Works pretty well. Although I took about a week off from Strong and strength training thanks to the organizational chaos, I’m still very active, running around a lot, and meanwhile blissfully (and probably way too fast) cruising around with Bikey 2.0.
  8. ❌Work on my arm balance asanas (maybe train towards handstand…) – well, it could be better. Of course, I still haven’t dared work towards a handstand. A good goal for the next month.
  9. ✅Exploring the island by bike and go to a different beach – Bikey and I were still busy exploring Koh Tao and I had a really perfect day at Freedom Beach. I will definitely blog soon about that. Bikey’s brakes were more than questionable, so I have limited my trips to the bare minimum and short distances. On Koh Phangan, I now have an eBike and am already totally thrilled. In the next few days I will certainly explore other beaches and areas.
  10. ✅❌Basically schedule more day trips or beach trips as a balance to work – I think I’ve gotten better on the vacation part of this journey.
  11. ✅Being more active and walking or cycling more often down to Mae Haad – Check! Bikey and me. A dream team. I have cemented my reputation as crazy bike lady on Koh Tao (locals already knew me…). On Koh Phangan, I walk quite a lot, or rather, I now cruise around the island with Bikey 2.0. I’m just starting with No. 12:
  12. ✅Exploring Koh Phangan in the middle/ end of January Check! Thanks to Bikey 2.0!
  13. ❌Eating less and less crap (but of course treat myself every now and then) – What a fail! I still eat an amazing amount of sugar and unhealthy stuff, but it’s definitely getting better. The last two weeks here I will definitely eat as much Thai food as possible.
  14. ❌Meditating – for real now! – Here as well: Fail! In January I have managed to meditate only once, which is really poor. But as I always preach, it takes small steps to slowly create a habit. So it’s better than nothing.

And now let’s see what I put off until February and what’s new.

February 2023

  1. Book at least one of these three different, highly acclaimed massages on Koh Phangan
  2. Take a trip to Bottle Beach Viewpoint
  3. Explore Koh Phangan
  4. Plan some day trips and end my days at the beach
  5. Go see some waterfalls
  6. Move into a new accommodation and not end up sleeping on the street or beach
  7. Continue to follow through with the “30 Day Yoga With Adriene Challenge” – alternatively, do yoga regularly
  8. Work on my arm balance asanas (maybe train towards handstands…)
  9. Stick to my sports routine on Koh Phangan
  10. Meditate (…hope dies at last)
  11. Just stare at the waves more and relax
  12. Eat less crap, try more new things and eat as much Thai food as possible before my departure
  13. Overcome jet lag in late February
  14. Arrive home and sort myself out (and not freaking out with all the letters and packages!!!)
  15. Restart my Yoga and Strong classes back at the studio
  16. Learn a new Strong Nation Quadrant
  17. Launch new business projects and develop existing ones (including building a new website)

The “come to rest” has not worked at all until the end of January. Koh Phangan is at the moment extremely busy, overpriced and fully booked. Therefore, I was very caught up in my first week on the island only with accommodation hunting and organizing things. To take it right away: even if it has become something completely different than planned, it has all worked out and I have not ended up on the street. But that’s another story I will tell soon…

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