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Dance Of The Month #2 July- La Vida Es Una

Hello dancers and booty shakers! Long time, no see! Unfortunately, there was so much going on that I had no time for the blog, let alone for new, fun dances that I could learn as a warmup for my training. I will tell you more about that in my new articles, because I really feel like writing again. In Europe, summer has really kicked in by now, so I plan to use August as my fun and vacation month. So far, my summer has been pretty good and my hips have continued to move thanks to a few open-air concerts and various Zumba classes. Because after all, no one wants or needs rusty hips. But enough of my little update.

My Dance Of The Month is actually again a choreography by Marlon Alves, because I like his style and moves and find them pretty cool. This time, however, it’s not Shakira again (although she’s been incredibly prolific since the breakup…), but the song “La Vida Es Una” by Karol G. Minor spoiler to my Albums /Songs Of The Month /Summer Playlist articles coming soon: I’m in an acute Karol G /Reggaeton /Colombia phase right now, music-wise. I’m probably the last one to really discover and learn to love Karol G, but better late than never. That applies to this song as well. I wasn’t aware that there is already a second movie of “Puss in Boots” from Shrek and that this song was the soundtrack for it. Fortunately, most of my friends didn’t notice either, so I’m not living alone under a rock. The song is extremely catchy and my barely-there Spanish was even enriched by a phrase. “La Vida Es Una” in fact means something like “You only live once” or “You only have this one life”. I haven’t had time to learn the choreography yet, but I’ll probably get to it in the next few days. So have fun with the dance… Hula, hula, hula…

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Video & Choreografie: La Vida Es Una – Karol G | Marlon Alves Dance MAs

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