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The Ultimate Packing List – #2 Tech Gear & Hand Luggage

So that you don’t have an insanely long list, I have divided the ultimate packing list into different parts. Part 2 is about the technology you should take with you when you travel and what should not be missing in your hand luggage:

  • Watch, Fitbit, Apple Watch or Smartwatch
  • Smartphone – I currently have the iPhone 12 Pro because the incredibly good camera is increasingly replacing my DSLR. The camera of the current iPhone 14 Pro is said to be even better.
  • Smartphone charging cable (if necessary also the charger if the adapter does not have an USB port)
  • Tablet – I have an old iPad, if I were to buy a new one I would probably get this one
  • Tablet charging cable (if necessary also the charger)
  • Tablet pen or Apple Pencil (check compatibility with your iPad first!)
  • Laptop (with power supply) – currently I still have my old HP, but will have to replace it soon and am flirting with this model this model
  • Powerbank – I love the products from Anker and can recommend them without reservation the price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable and the quality of the products is great
  • Mini-Bluetooth speaker (IPX7 waterproof) – recently bought and already loved
  • Headphones – I’m not 100% happy with this model, the sound is great, but I would like to have a flatter pair that doesn’t fall out all the time when accidentally touched
  • Tripod (mobile phone and/or camera)
  • Cell phone holder for the bike – Absolutely necessary if you are traveling by bike in a foreign city or country and need to take a look at Google Maps from time to time. I notice this just on my current trip. At home I use an older model made of silicone, which I can only recommend. The advantage is that you do not have to screw anything and can quickly remove the holder. The phone holds bombproof and the silicone bands adapt to the size of different phone models. For motorcycles and scooters, the holder should also fit. On my scooter, which I am currently using, fortunately,  they have already pre-mounted a holder. On my eBike I have built, out of necessity, a questionable construction of Invisibobbles. So do yourself a favor and rather take this practical thing with you. This saves nerves and lets you drive so much more relaxed.
  • DSLR camera
  • Lenses
  • Camera bag if your camera is sensitive. I now travel without one, but my camera is robust and a bit older. The bag just annoyed me.
  • Spare battery for the camera (and charger)
  • SD-Card(s)
  • Travel Adapter – preferably with USB ports to charge your tablet and mobile phone
  • GoPro or underwater camera (for water and action sports)
  • Drone (please note the rules and laws in the respective travel country)
  • eReader or Kindle

In your hand luggage you will definitely have some things that I have already mentioned above, since you are not allowed to put batteries in your normal luggage on the plane anyway:

  • Smartphone – if possible, check in online in advance, then you have the boarding pass on your mobile phone
  • All of the above-mentioned devices with batteries (power bank, speakers,…) and your cameras
  • Headphones, tablet, eReader and laptop for entertainment (or work)
  • Book and/or travel guide
  • Charging cables for your devices, especially your smartphone, so that you have a full battery by arriving at the destination country and can change the SIM card or navigate your way around straight away
  • Wallet, credit card and possibly some cash – I always withdraw money in the destination country, which is usually less stressful and cheaper than changing money
  • Passport (if necessary identity card)
  • Driving license (and international driving license)
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Vaccination certificates (if required)
  • Masks (if needed)
  • Notebook, Diary & Stationery
  • Combination padlock (important for hostel lockers)
  • Inflatable neck pillow – super good because you can fold it small and wash the cover. Be careful, however, when flying at high altitude, the pillow will continue to inflate itself due to the pressure. Even if your airline offers pillows, the neck pillow is recommended, as I often travel with the (night) bus/train, where no pillows are provided.
  • Hand Sanitizer (preferably the gel from the drugstore) – wet wipes for professionals (I always forget!)
  • Ear Plugs!!! Trust me… there is always someone who is loud… (if necessary, also a sleep mask)
  • (Zip-) Hoodie or Sweater for travel – I just say AC…
  • Sunglasses & Cleaning wipes for them
  • Cap or hat – but I find the hat rather impractical for traveling
  • Chewing Gum
  • Handbag
  • Snacks & Water or empty water bottle to refill (Insulated Flask or Sports Bottle)

This should get you through a long-haul flight. If you have any good tips, always let me know in the comments! The packing list series continues with the third part 3 – everything that needs to be in the toiletry bag.

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